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spartacus (tfnalk song)
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+ plebeian crucifiction impulses

Spartacus was born in Thrace, became a soldier, and was captured by the Romans.
He was sold as a slave to be made a gladiator. With 70 comrades, he escaped,
hid on Mount Vesuvius, and raised a large army of rebel slaves.
With his army he defeated two Roman legions.
Spartacus intended to lead the slaves over the Alps and out of Italy,

[because Spartacus intended freedom]
but the slaves forced him to march on Rome.
-- ah les enculés !

[+re-organize power structures]
A fresh Roman army under Crassus finally defeated Spartacus and his men.
-- ah les enculés !

[As with all power-structur organization].
After his defeat, 6000 men were crucified along the Via Appia
as a warning to other slaves.
-- ah les enculés !

parce que: this is the 'populist' masochistic impulse:
-- ah les enculés !
not genuine impulse for autonomy
-- ah les enculés !
not genuine wish for freedom
-- ah les enculés !
not genuine ethics
-- ah les enculés !
not genuine intelligence
-- ah les enculés !
abr. weakness
-- ah les enculés !

'humanity' posing
'power' grabbing

+ martyr-hero crucifiction idiocy
-- ah les enculés !
-- ah les enculés !
-- ah les enculés !

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