Kandinskij Olympic Spiritual Flame
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condescending t'as compris (tfnalk song)
words Kandinskij xtended

sing kandinskij

One of the most remarkable facts of the near death experiences
or actual accidental experiences of the other related by others,
is their concrete intelligibility.
t'as compris ?

This is nothing at all like the drug experience
t'as compris ?
which is invariably relayed in mystical,
t'as compris ?
or more likely totally subjective enthusiastic and incomprehensible,
t'as compris ?
t'as compris ?
that almost always leave the inexperienced listener
t'as compris ?
with a distrust of the experience.
t'as compris ? hein ?

Genuine experiences of the 'other' do not lead to understanding
or confrontations with issues of god or divinity,
t'as compris ?
as those are 'advanced' in the sense that contact with
and understanding of such are result of continuous, focused,
conscious work over a period of 'time'.
t'as compris ?

Nor do they lead to condescending self-importance.
t'as compris ?
et là, t'as compris ?
pitin ! mais t'as rien compris !

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