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i wish I were a Walrus
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I wish I were a Walrus
A waddling on the shore.

I'd say, "Move over, here I come!"
And bellow out a "ROAR!"

I wish I were a Walrus
A basking in the sun.

I'd flap my flippers, oh so loud
To show I'm number one!

I wish I were a Walrus
A strutting all my stuff.

If anybody picked on me
I'd show them my big tusks!

cT: What about the Walrus? Where is the Walrus? best, -- B.

"" wrote:
you need 4 lobsters to make a corse,
and half corse to make a carpenter.
unlike oysters, eggs don't close their mouth once opened.

According to the italian neurobiologist Jay Petto research programm, wooden lobsters have "a fool array of senses."
but, he also noted that the lobster is much more demonstrative when his is worked with the telescopic nose.

anyway, la langouste de Cuba can provoque throat concer, so we will prefere the baracuda as main corse.

outov the thing.

don't you eat the yellow snow !
listen only

-/ theire is no shame ! /-
the Lame Songs